• Local Self-Government in Europe

    Local Self-Government in Europe


    The local governance and municipalities have always been an important system of the national administrative systems. Therefore, their analysis has had a long tradition in the European social sciences. The different regulations on the municipal administration have been compared by the books, but the approach has been changed by the evolvement of the administrative sciences: comparative local governance and the comparison of the different local socio-economic systems became recent topics of the monographs. 13 municipal systems are analysed by this book. Countries from all part of the...

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  • Real Property Taxes and Property Markets in CEE Countries and Central Asia

    Real Property Taxes and Property Markets in CEE Countries and Central Asia


    This book deals with issues around current property tax systems, aspects of implementation, land and property registration, the role of cadastres and the development of property markets in 31 countries in central and eastern Europe and western Asia. It provides country-specific real estate information not previously published. The coverage of this text deals with the post-soviet experiences of real property taxation and real estate in each one of the countries which have emerged since the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991; together with the so-called...

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  • Urbanisation and Local Government(s)

    Urbanisation and Local Government(s)


    The book is based on the presentation of the conferences Public Services in the Member States of the European Union (2017) and Urbanisation and local government(s) (2020) which were organised bv the Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest), Faculty of Law, Department of Administrative Law. The 2017 conference has been supported by the Ministry of Justice of Hungary and the 2020 conference has been supported by the Municipality of Budapest. The main aim of the book is to examine and analyse the urbanisation of local governments – especially in the light of the recent...

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Cover for Urbanisation and Local Government(s) Urbanisation and Local Government(s)
Istvan Hoffman (ed), Krisztina F. Rozsnyai (ed), Marianna Nagy (ed)
September 5, 2021

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