Contemporary Drivers of Local Development


Péter Futó (ed)
Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy


This book was born from the joint effort of the professors and researchers of a university course on Comparative Local Development. It contains 25 articles on social, economic and institutional factors of Local Development, highlighting drivers of the development of settlements and regions in urban and rural spaces. The book has been organized according to the genre of the contributions as follows.

  • Conceptual framework, theory, and measurement. This chapter contains articles designing conceptual frameworks, identifying theories, setting up models, measuring statistical indicators and using these instruments for investigating spatial economic processes.
  • Legal and institutional arrangement. The added value of the articles in this chapter lies predominantly in their contribution to understanding the legal and institutional arrangements of implementing local democracy, granting equal opportunities to minorities, and providing local services by public and private stakeholders.
  • Sectoral and spatial analyses. The papers of this chapter are meso-economic empirical studies investigating the development trajectories of certain geographic areas and highlighting the development patterns of certain sectoral activities that generate urban and rural change.
  • Innovative policy interventions, plans, and initiatives. The papers in this chapter describe innovative combinations of policy areas and policy instruments that have been tested in real-life situations of aid policy.
  • Evaluations of projects and programs. The papers in this chapter formulate evaluation questions, apply evaluation criteria, form opinions about the evaluated development programs, and identify the lessons learned.


  • On the Governance, Investigation and Education of Local Development
    Péter Futó
  • Theories in Regional Economics in the Light of Local Development
    Joachim Möller
  • Infrastructure and Local Economic Development
    Peter Haller, Joachim Möller
  • Measuring Regional Economic Dynamics
    Wolfgang Dauth
  • Factors and Policy Measures Influencing Local Economic Development: An Overview of the Conceptual Framework
    Marta Kiss, Katalin Rácz
  • Comparative Local Governments in Europe
    Simona Kukovič, Miro Haček
  • The Protection and Promotion of Linguistic Minorities: The Italian Law of Diversity at the Local Level
    Simone Penasa
  • The Role of Contracts, Standards and Certification in Protecting Fundamental Rights
    Matteo Ferrari
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Local Development in the United States of America
    Don Elliott
  • Land Use Planning and Zoning as Key Tools in Sustainable Local Development in the United States of America
    Don Elliott
  • A Model of Centralizing Local Government Finances
    István Tózsa
  • Local Democracy in Comparative Perspective
    Simona Kukovič, Colin Copus, David Sweeting
  • Local Development in Italian Districts “After the Deluge”
    Italo Trevisan
  • History of Success: Regensburg – A Local Growth Miracle
    Nicole Litzel, Christoph Rust
  • Travel and Tourism: Impacts on Local Development
    Zsuzsanna E. Horváth
  • Smart and Intelligent Cities
    Zsuzsanna E. Horváth
  • Environmental Cooperation as a Tool for Local Development and Peace-building in Conflict-affected Areas
    Šárka Waisová, Ladislav Cabada
  • Local Development Projects and Security Strategy: The Security-development Nexus in the Post-9/11 Period
    Šárka Waisová, Ladislav Cabada
  • Re-thinking Development after Disaster – Notes on Post-earthquake Reconstruction Planning in the Central Himalayas, Nepal
    Dipak Raj Pant
  • Social and Cultural Innovation in Sustainable Urban Development
    Annamária Orbán
  • Teaching Microfinance with the Help of Case Studies
    Péter Futó
  • Equal Opportunities and Investing in Children: Theory, Policies and Projects
    Ildikó Husz, Eva Perpék
  • The Role of Local Governments in the Development of the Local Economy: International Findings in Light of Hungarian Case Studies
    Marta Kiss, Katalin Rácz
  • Teaching Business Climate Development with the Help of Case Studies
    Péter Futó
  • Social Capital and Local Development: Citizen Participation in Decision-making Processes
    Sinisa Zaric
  • Assessing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education Institutions: The ’HEInnovate’ Initiative at the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
    Bárbara Gabriel, António Andrade-Campos, João Oliveira, Robertt Valente, Victor Neto
  • Varieties and Perspectives of Local Development: A Conclusion
    Bruno Dallago
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July 7, 2019

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