• The Role of Cybersecurity in the Public Sphere - The European Dimension

    The Role of Cybersecurity in the Public Sphere - The European Dimension


    The aim of this paper is to present the areas in EU and domestic legal systems which cover currently applicable laws on cybersecurity and the related cyber-liability. Legal regulations related to cybersecurity that are currently in force embrace only a very narrow understanding of the notions of cyberspace and cybercrime. This paper aims to present those areas of the existing regulations in which the notions of cyber-liability have been preliminarily defined. Issues that are currently viewed as only marginally relevant to the functioning of states in the domain of cyberspace operations...

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  • The Public Dimension of Cybersecurity

    The Public Dimension of Cybersecurity


    The development of new communication technologies also entails new threats in the form of various cyber crises caused primarily by external factors that affect both public entities (including states and public administration authorities) and private entities. These crises are also political and military in nature, threatening state sovereignty. Therefore, states must strive to ensure cybersecurity, which cannot be limited to the administrative boundaries of individual states alone, as cyberthreats are transnational in nature. Cybersecurity, understood as the resilience of information...

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  • Contemporary Issues in International Economics

    Contemporary Issues in International Economics


    The contemporary economic environment is in most segments quite different than it was even two decades ago. Globalization, development of new technologies, especial in the IT sector, financial innovations, repositioning of economic powers, and new business models are only a few of many new realities. Although all listed brought numerous new possibilities and continuous economic growth, we cannot neglect the increased risks and perils of contemporary economic reality. Uncertainty and adaptation have become a mantra in the life of entrepreneurs, governments, and institutions. Through eight...

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Cover for The Role of Cybersecurity in the Public Sphere - The European Dimension The Role of Cybersecurity in the Public Sphere - The European Dimension
Katarzyna Chałubińska-Jentkiewicz (ed), István Hoffman (ed)
September 28, 2022

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