Regions in Slovenia


Brezovnik Boštjan (ed)
New University, European Faculty of Law
Borut Holcman (ed)
University of Maribor, Faculty of Law
Gorazd Trpin (ed)
Institute for Administrative Law Ljubljana


After more than a decade sicne the last attempt to establish regions in Slovenia, the debate on their establishement has resumed. The book 'Regions in Slovenia' publishes expert discussions on provinces as development or administrative institutions, regional dicisions, regional identities, regions of knowledge, regionalization, economic competitiveness, long-term sustainable development, functional regions, constitutional issues of establishing regions and other general issues. The published contributions represent professional starting points for the preparation of the legislation in the process of establishing regions in Slovenia.


  • Region – Development or Governance and Administrative Institution
    Štefan Čelan
  • Slovenia, Country of Diverse Regional Divisions
    Miro Haček, Simona Kukovič
  • Regional Identity in Slovenia
    Matjaž Geršič, Drago Perko
  • Regions of Knowledge in Slovenia
    Ana Vovk Korže
  • Assessment of the Impact of the Act on Regions on the Legal System
    Albin Igličar
  • Regionalisation of Slovenia as an Instrument to Boost Competitiveness of Economy and Long-term Sustainable Development
    Matjaž Mikoš
  • Functional Regions as the Basis for Provinces in Slovenia
    Samo Drobne
  • Sealing Constitutional Gaps: Some Problem Starting Points Relating to the Establishment of Regions
    Marko Novak
  • What is a Region
    Gorazd Trpin, Ingrid Kovšca Pušenjak
  • Regions in Slovenia
    Borut Holcman
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June 29, 2020