ADHD and Associated Disorders


Enrique Vázquez-Justo, Ph.D.
Universidade Portucalense, Portucalense
Adolfo Piñon Blanco
Neuropsicólogo en Clínicas Êbam


This publication, developed from a multidisciplinary approach, offers a review of the processes involved in neurodevelopment disorders. Taking ADHD as the most relevant entity, it gives a wide review from neurobiological bases, neuropsychological models, neuropsychological, neuroanatomical and neurophysological deficits. This book is aimed at professionals and students in the health, educational and psychosocial fields interested in ADHD and associated disorders. Topics are developed related to neuropsychological assesment, diagnosis criteria, most frequent comorbilities and the different options of treatment in people affected by ADHD.

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Enrique Vázquez-Justo, Ph.D., Universidade Portucalense, Portucalense

Universidade Portucalense, Portucalense Institute for Human Development (INPP), Portucalense Institute for Legal Research (IJP), R. Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida 541, 4200-072 Porto.

Adolfo Piñon Blanco, Neuropsicólogo en Clínicas Êbam

 Neuropsicólogo en Clínicas Êbam, Avd. Portela, 25 bj., 36163. Poio. Pontevedra.

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November 30, 2017

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